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Build Your Audience With Podcasts From Your Articles

Create podcasts in minutes with our BuildBubbles templates and voices. No mic needed.

Want to Build a Bigger Audience for Your Content?

More people today prefer to listen rather than read. So, if you offer only a written blog, you’re just not reaching as many people as you could.

The solution is simple: Use BuildBubbles to convert your written blogs into podcasts. Your blogs will stand out … and you’ll appeal to a much wider audience.

With BuildBubbles, you can create compelling podcasts in minutes. No microphone or expensive studio equipment required.


Podcast like a Professional

You can make a podcast using a text-to-speech engine, of course. But that’s boring and not very likely to engage your listeners.

Our high-quality podcasts use our exclusive Sound Design approach. Created by experienced sound engineers, our templates incorporate voices, music, and other controls for production-quality podcasts.

You spend a lot of time creating interesting content. Make it sound great with BuildBubbles.


Click on the examples below to hear actual BuildBubbles podcasts.



Podcasts you’ll be proud of in three simple steps.

Step 1

Paste a link to your WordPress blog post you’d like to convert to a podcast

Step 2

Choose the BuildBubbles podcast template and voices you want

Step 3

Edit your podcast if you wish.

Once you’re happy with your podcast...

Download it, embed it on your site, or submit it to popular podcast sites like Apple Podcasts.

That’s it – really!

BuildBubbles is an inexpensive
yet effective way to create podcasts for your site.


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What you can do




What you can do

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