BuildBubbles 1.4.2 is here for you!

This update brings you 5 more templates to reach your audience, support Chinese, and more English voices from Australia! Hurray! With 7 more voices from these two continents and more templates, our library is getting bigger and better.

Updates for 1.4.2 are:

  1. 5 new Templates: Affirm, Drive, Cradle, Dwell, and Hearten. These templates are designed in the response to your feedback and request. They serve a variety of industries such as Business, Technology, Family, Spirituality, and Art. See the image below for more detail.

  2. Support 1 more language: Chinese (Mandarin)
    Welcome, Hu Yibing, Wang Bo, Zhang Liya, and Li Xian to be our voices from China. These are 2 female voices and 2 male voices.

  3. Welcome, Chloe Anderson, Zachary Brown, and George Ryan to be our voices from Australia! We got the request on Australian voices and we worked really fast and efficiently to get them joined our library. Yes! We hope you like them.

We hope you enjoy these new updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at hello@

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