BuildBubbles 1.5.4 – Hindi, Italian, and Vietnamese!

Hi All! Great Addition to BuildBubbles this release is 3 new languages; Hindi, Italian, and Vietnamese. Hurray! Thanks for giving your inputs and patiently waiting. These 3 language templates start with 25 templates and more to come.

These 25 templates already cover 15 industries.

9 more voices, 3 more languages
Welcome, 9 new voices to our Library! They go under 3 languages: Hindi, Italian, and Vietnamese.

For Hindi, they are the same voice actors as Indian(IN) English. Tashan Agarwal, Krish Dugar, Pranit Sankar, and Ananya Chandra from India will be your voices for Hindi (as well as India English.

For Italian, We have 3 female voices and 2 male voices; Alessia Russo, Violetta Bianchi, Luca Lombardi, Matteo Moretti, and Francesca De Luca. From Newscaster, Journalist to Educators, you can find the voices that fit many content and moods.

For Vietnamese, We have 2 female voices and 2 male voices; Nguyễn Thi Hanh, Đặng Van Tien, Le Thi Trang, and Phan Viet An. Phan Viet An’s voice could give you a warm, bold, and credible tone, while Đặng Van Tien’s expressive voice could be perfect for news content and upbeat mood.

Thank you for your wait. We hope you enjoy these new updates and help you create more content to reach your audience into the bigger part of the world. Let’’s make more podcasts! And please don’t hesitate to let us know at if you have any questions, concerns, or some ideas that we could help you produce the podcast better. We are looking forward to improving and growing BuildBubbles with you.

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