[Update] BuildBubbles v1.1 is here!

BuildBubbles v1.1 is here! Thank you for all the feedback and hello in the last couple of weeks. We have been working hard to improve and update BuildBubbles. We update these following features:

2 New Voices

Welcome, Joanna Ross and Matthew Haynes, our 2 new voices, to BuildBubbles! These 2 new voices are the perfect newscaster. Their voices give a higher dynamic to the speech and even smoother to listen. You should definitely try their voices.


2 New Templates

Joanna and Matthew become a host to the show in these 2 new templates. Check out their Podcast samples to see if you like these new templates style. Don’t forget that you can still access the previous templates and adjust the music or even switch the voices to use Joanna or Matthew.

Publish Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts in Couple Clicks

As it is our ultimate goal to help you reach a bigger audience, now we also help you to publish your podcasts to Apple Podcasts! Yes! It is very easy and simple. We have the quick & easy instructions for you in the directory tab on your Podcast Dashboard.

Support Domain *.wordpress.com

This version also supports WordPress blog from the URL  *.wordpress.com. 

Bug Fixes

There were few bugs going on and thanks to many of you who tried and let us know about that. We fixed it! Yes! If you find more bugs, please let us know. It is much better when you are telling us rather than giving up and left us for good. Please give us a shout. We will get to that. We want to make BuildBubbles works for you!

Those are the update details for v1.1. We are still working hard to update the next version. We have more things on the list to make it even better. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to let us know if you have any thoughts, feedback, or just want to say hi! You can always email us.

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