[Update] BuildBubbles v1.3

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited to announce BuildBubbles v1.3! Thank you very much for all the feedback. We have been working hard to improve and adding more features. Here are the key features we added:

4 French Voices + 9 French Templates

You ask, we listen! Please welcome, Clémentine Dubois, Alexandre Delacroix, Hugo Bernard, and Inès Payet to BuildBubbles! Our French voices. You should definitely check them out!

2 New Templates

  • Elite: A template designed with classical music to make your podcast more elite!
  • Reflect: A template designed for mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual groups.

Create a Podcast From .docx File

Now, you can upload your .docx file directly to our app and convert it into a podcast without a hustle!

Remove BuildBubbles Branding

We added the option for you to remove BuildBubbles branding from our audio player. Please follow these instructions – https://buildbubbles.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/64000210984-how-to-update-audio-player-settings-

Bug fixes

  • [FIXED] Connection hangs when trying to export a long article
  • [FIXED] Post extractor fails to extract blog post when the content is inside nested divs
  • [FIXED] Post extractor fails to extract blog post when there are videos embedded in the post.
  • [FIXED] SSML elements and attributes
  • [FIXED] Disable bg music not working
  • [FIXED] CSS bleeding in an embedded audio player

So that’s our v1.3 updates! Please let us know if you found any issue with it. And also, please check out our public roadmap and give your vote on the feature that you like to see. https://trello.com/b/vZwHdSyo/product-roadmap

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  1. I’m really excited for the new ability to create from a .docx file since my personal site isn’t WordPress. These are some really awesome updates all around, keep up the great work!

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