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[Update] BuildBubbles v1.4

Hi All, 

This release is the big one! Hurray! Thanks for giving your inputs and patiently waiting for us to fix the bugs and update our system to this new version. This release, we are going to have Saved & Customized Template, 3 more languages, 15 more voices, the ability to change voices in the editor, and more!!! Let us walk you through the update list!


  • Saved & Customized Template
  • Change Voices in the Editor
  • Support 3 more languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese.11 more voices
  • New creation flow
  • Bug fixes

New Features and updates

  1. Saved & Customized Template: This feature brings a better efficiency workflow to you. Now you can save your template so when you come back to work on your podcasts, you don’t have to redo it over again from scratch! Yes! Finally! Now you can;
    1. Create a template from an existing template
    2. Make an update to the existing template. You can always update the templates you saved and created.
    3. Create new episodes from saved templates. 
  2. Default Template: We now can set the default template for the show. In other words, when you create a new show, the app will remember the template you selected. So next time you create another episode, that template will come up as a default.
  3. Change voices in the editor page after the episode already created: There were several use cases that users need to be able to change the voice in the editor page. So we make this happened! Now you can change the voice to replace the primary voice and secondary voice. Or adding a third voice in a particular block.
  4. Support 3 more languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese.
  5. Added 15 more voices

Welcome, 15 new voices to our Library! They go under 3 languages: Spanish, German, and Portuguese

For Spanish, we have 2 female voices and 2 male voice; Mariana Castro (Left), Andrés Torres, Paula Fernández, and Fabián Suárez(Right). Andrés will be your main male host. Mariana and Paula are your female hosts.

For German, we have 3 female voices and 2 male voices; Michael Kuhn (Left), Anna Hofmann, Katarina Schmidt, Susanne Wagner, and Daniel Neumann (Right). Susanne Wagner is a unique addition to our library. With the age over 60, She is wise, kind, and calm. Her voice brings credibility and calmness, which is perfect for storytelling, education content, religion, and parenting. These 5 voices will host your podcasts that can fit the variety of audiences. Try to check them out!

For Portuguese, we have 3 female voices and 3 male voices which are for both Brazillian and Portugal Portuguese. For Brazillian Portuguese, Denise Barros, Mariana Alto, and Sandro Menezes will be your host. For Portugal Portuguese, you have Pedro Monteiro, Bruno Martins, and Alice Brunet.

6. New creation flow: In the previous release, we started by providing us the content to make a podcast then select the template later. It works but not as convenient and powerful. We are now changed to starting with selecting the template that suits your purpose. Then, you move on to select voices and add your content to this template. This way, you can select your preferred language from the start.

Bug fixes 

  1. [Fixed] Failed to convert the article that has special characters such as < > & ” ‘ 
  2. [Fixed] when is added to the content some parts of it seem to be deleted when re-open.


Q: Where’s WellSaid Integration? Not yet? What have you been doing? 
A: We are still in the middle of collaboration with them and waiting for their response to our recent issues. So, no update on the integration yet. We cannot do anything much until they respond.

This concludes the major updates and changes in 1.4. We have been working very hard to make this release happened. If you do not see what you have been waiting for in this release and want to talk more about it, feel free to email us. Otherwise, please be patient and it should be in the following release or in the future. 

Thank you very much for sticking with us. Let’s make more podcasts together!

5 thoughts on “[Update] BuildBubbles v1.4”

    1. Max Limsukhawat

      We have her on board but she is supposed to be with 1.4.1 with another whole set of more voice actors. Thank you for waiting. We would like to give you a quick sneak peek of her. Her name is Eryka Jones. This is her.
      😊 Please stay tunes. We are excited about this.

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