BuildBubbles has permanently shut down its services on July 31st, 2021. A notice has been sent to customers explaining the situation. Please refrain from signing up for new trials or attempting to make a purchase. This website will remain running until all customer concerns have been addressed. For any questions, reach out to us via email at

[Update] BuildBubbles v1.6!

The exciting additions to BuildBubbles v1.6 are the following;

  • New Premium Voices: We now have 57 Premium Voices for English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italy, Hindi, French, and Portuguese on top of our current voices (So we now have 120 voices).
    • With Premium Voices that are higher definition, we need to change our user interface and flow a little bit for the content block. Now there is a 500 maximum characters limit in each box. If you put in characters that exceed the amount, the box will show the red flag. You can adjust it to make it under 500 Characters in each box by adding a new content block and manually copy and paste to the new one before exporting your episode.
    • As premium voices are a higher definition, they require a longer time to export. Please note that the creation time would be longer than usual, comparing to our regular AI voices.

If you subscribe to the premium plan by April 30, 2021, you will get a custom podcast intro designed & produced by Phil Beskid, Sound Engineer for FREE as a bonus.

  • New Template Filters
    • Now you filter the template by mood, formality, and tag. This function will help you find and nail down your right template even better.
  • Fixed: Now you can disable the intro and outro sections which mean that you can leave intro and outro empty and export only the story section.

We hope you enjoy these new updates and help you create more content to reach your audience into the bigger part of the world. Let’’s make more podcasts! And please don’t hesitate to let us know at if you have any questions, concerns, or some ideas that we could help you produce the podcast better. We are looking forward to improving and growing BuildBubbles with you.

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